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S these characters so much Even right now I feel like crying I was very excited when I got the book in the mail and then I thought This is it The end of one of my favorite series ever And then I wasn t as excited as before I can always re read the series rightI m very happy with the ending I m ecstatic with the choices Mo made I was very happy with the guy she ended up with I mean I love them both due to O Rourke s amazing ability to write two totally different love interests that the reader can t help but fall in love with But at the end Mo had to choose which guy was the best fit for her and she did and *I approve All I have to say is that the love triangle in this series is the best I *approve All I have to say is that the love triangle in this series is the best I ever read "I DIDN T KNOW WHOM SHE WAS GOING TO "didn t now whom she was going to up with It Some Writer! kept me guessing until almost the endIf you haven t read this series do so now Don t be afraid of the love triangle I personally don t like them but the love triangle in this series is epic The writing is amazing and full of action I was amazed with O Rourke s talent of writing vivid and relatable characters This book has it all Two amazingly scary and twisted worlds oneick ass heroine and two hunkalicious love interests We pick back up in Bound three months after all the events from Tangled took place Mo has chosen to stay in Chicago with Colin and is trying to The Texans Baby (Texas Rodeo Barons, keep her Flat life and her Arc life separate We allnew that would not last long though right Anton is still chasing her her Uncle Billy has her working for the mob and she has so many secrets she is having a hard time The LPN-to-RN Bridge keeping straight who she has told them to The entirety of Bound is literally the climax that we have all been waiting for and what the previous books having been leading tooWhen we begin in Bound Mo is still dating Colin and I have to admit I am not a fan of him so I was secretly plotting their break up Not fair Inow but there is something about the bad boy that is always so appealing which is why I always loved Luc I am not a fan of love triangles but Erica has always Disability and Community kept the choice in guys up to Mo She does not take her choice away by something happening to one of the guys or forcing Mo s hand Mo is faced with choosing between two futures as well as the guys that could be a part of them Either guy could be someone she could be with but she needs to choose what path she wants before she can finally decide what guy will stand beside her I liked that about the romance in this book the decision was always up to Mo She had to find the strength inside herself to discover what she truly wantedAs for all the action wow there was plenty to go around in this book All of the conflict in Mo s life literally comes to a head in this book as her life in the Arc world and the Flat world collide Many lives get lost and there were a couple deaths I did not see coming at all At one point Marguerite says to Mo You cannot save them all That uote could not be truer or heartbreaking There were moments I was uestioning how everything was going to work out for Mo and how she would get through it all but Erica created a strong character in Mo She fought with everything she had to get her life to where she wanted it to be and refused to give up until she had the life she chose Mo has stayed true to who she was since we met her in Torn and hates having any decision made for her She has grown since the events in Torn but it has only been for the better and her core characteristics remain the same and that is why I loved herSometimes a series can get bland as they continue but this trilogy just got better with each installment Bound ended this series with a bang and was a perfect conclusion to Mo s story Not everything was wrapped up in a neat little bow but the major conflict was resolved and I was happy with where Mo ended up I am sad to leave this world but was very satisfied with the closing of Mo s taleIf you have not read these books I highly suggest looking into them You need to read them in order because there is too much backstory to start out with this book but they are fantastic young adult paranormal titles At its core it is a story of a girl who is lost in life looking for what she really wants Throw in two hot guys looking to be by her side through that journey some seriously wicked magic and a couple of nasty villains chasing her and you get a small taste of this world I am not sure what books Erica will bring us next but Inow I will definitely be picking up copies of them. In both her worlds And Mo isn’t the only one with secrets to hide and choices to make The she struggles to eep her magic and mortal lives separate the deadlier the conseuences In the end Mo must risk everything – her life her heart her future or lose it all.

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He patient understanding guy that had previously been portrayed COLIN AND MO S RELATIONSHIP WAS ONLY DESTROYED JUST and Mo s relationship was only destroyed just she could get with Luc Constance was far too idiotic to be a remotely realistic character She hated Mo and blamed Mo for her sister s death even though it wasn t Mo s fault Ridiculously Constance sides with the bad guys that actually illed her sister Why would she blame Mo for Verity dying instead of blaming the bad guys who actually illed her Constance wasn t dumb so it made no sense for her to be so stupid about her sister s murder Constance was too contrived to be anything but a rubbish character I lost all my respect for Mo when she turned down the opportunity to go to NYU even though it s what she wanted for years Naturally she has a new dream which just so happens to revolve around her boyfriend Luc She decides to attend uni where he lives and she also decides to stay a part of the magical world that she s hated for the last two and half books Mo in the latter half of the book suddenly embraces all things magical there s nothing apart from her growing closeness with Luc that warrants her change in attitude Does Luc make any compromises or changes for Mo No he ends up getting everything he wanted Mo his magic his fate his place in the magical council with Mo obediently at his side Whilst Mo gives up everythingughI enjoyed the first two books but I wasn t impressed with this one at all I hated that Mo spent the whole book whining and acting like a desperate dog like girlfriend by changing all her plans to suit her boyfriendugh 275 Stars SPOILERSA strong conclusion to an excellent seriesMo chooses a future with Luc She discovers that Lena has been helping her parents illegally relocate victims of domestic violence and has them relocate Colin and his sister Tessa Constance betrays Mo and the arcs but is foiled Mo selects Sabine to be on the council for the water house Mo creates a new council seat for herself so that she can speak for the magic Other than the fact that Mo chooses Luc instead of Colin I liked the way the series ended up This is a wonderful conclusion to a fantastic trilogy Though bittersweet O Rourke provides an ending that adeptly wraps up all of the various storylines and I could not imagine a perfect end to the story What I enjoyed most about this novel is how well the author mixes the paranormal aspects of the story with contemporary life As with the other books in the trilogy Mo is forced to balance her family life and her connection to magic only she is now facing much higher stakes Further Mo is now dealing with new complications such as learning how to adjust to having her father home from prison Her two worlds collide in Bound and this collision results in an exhilarating readThe characterization is very well done over the course of the trilogy In Bound Mo has learned from her previous mistakes refuses "to take the easy way out is forced to make tough decisions and is willing to deal "take the easy way out is forced to make tough decisions and is willing to deal the conseuences of her actions She has finally matured into the strong character I new that she could be Both Colin and Luc continue to be appealing characters as well and readers will want to root for both of them Although Mo s relationship with Colin is just as believable as her relationship with Luc I was pleased with the choice Mo ended up making While I believe that most readers will appreciate the increased amount of romance in this title there may be some readers that dislike that the love triangle has continued into the third book Bound is very well written and has perfect pacing This book is filled with action suspense and romance The complex *storyline will eep readers engaged and all of the secrets and lies *will eep readers engaged and all of the secrets and lies for an intriguing read This trilogy contains the most fascinating portrayal of magic that I have ever readThis book is emotional heartbreaking and breathtaking I am greatly looking forward to reading of O Rourke s books in the futureThank you to NetGalley and KTeen Books for providing me with an ARC I LOVE this book Love As in L O V E DI think out of the 3 this might be my favorite then again I m pretty sure I said that about the other 2 So much love D This book is about real girl daily life problems and finding your voice oh and magic I LOVE it Just read it read all 3 of them LOL Something that has never happened to me before happened with Bound I was afraid of finishing it Not because it was boring or bad but because I m going to mis. E behind the enigmatic Luc and the world of the Arcs But every decision she’s made from avenging her best friend’s death to protecting the people she loves has come at a terrible priceAs her father returns from prison and the Seraphim regroup war breaks out. I almost could not put the book downLots of things going on and a very pleasure endI will put it in my favorites I did like that I was a bit sad about Colin but I felt as if Mo made the right decision I was horribly sad about Mo s Dad after all of that he finally did good but died for it This novel is the final one and it makes me sad It was great I found it emotional but the ending was uplifting but bittersweet I would of loved if the series continued on it s good enough to "Do Just That Author Has Some "just that The author has some potential Erica O Rourke wraps up the Torn Trilogy with a tidy red magical bow With Bound come ultimate tests for beloved heroine Mo Fitzgerald From working for the Outfit to carefully stepping her way through personal relationships this uasi magical girl has a full plate of magical and non magical dramaA world where magic doesn t interfere in the lives of Flats would be paradise for Mo But there s to the magic than any of the Arcs Chinas Search for Democracy know and Mo s Flat life is uickly bleeding from normal to toxically dangerous Attacks from the Seraphim leader Anton are bolder and vicious Luc is still gunning for Mo s heart and Colin s edging further away While Mo has to navigate life with her father back from prison the Arcs are counting on Mo toeep the magic safe The secrets between family and friends are darker and harder to Imaginary Citizens keep under wraps not to mention juicier With all the commotion inside of Bound it seems like a shame for it to be the last chapter in Mo s storyThe trials Mo faces are unlike any she s had to face in Torn or Tangled It s come to the point of unfair for there to be reasons to cry to laugh or to scream in fear at the end of the trilogy when readers are just gettingnow the depth of this outstanding young woman s character Mo s stubborn personality has been consistent through the series but in Bound she s skilled in having her voice heard Courageous and determined are Mo s middle names and she wears them proudly Her enemies still underestimate her and it s all she needs bring them downAction packed and greatly alluring the finale Bound From Rumspringa to Marriage keeps readers on the edge of their seats and praying for a happy ending The successful completion of Erica O Rourke s first teen series makes her even of an author to watchCandace HawkinsWovenmystcom SpoilersMo is still torn between her human world and the magical world she was thrown into What ever will she do oO The plot was somewhat predictable and repetitive Mo spent most of the book moaning about her mob uncle using her for crimes and whatnot whinging about her dad complaining about her magical responsibilities whilst simultaneously whining about Luc and Colin Her separate issues with the mafia and the magical world were a little too ridiculous and over the top the mafia and magic angle didn t really fit well together in the story I hated Luc and Mo s relationship they were awful Here s why1 Luc used to date Mo s dead best friend Verity they were actually meant to get married Mo is just second best2 Mo being with Luc was huge a betrayal to Verity shenew how much Verity loved Luc but she didn t respect Verity enough to not date him3 If Verity hadn t died Luc would never have even been interested in Mo4 The only reason Luc wanted Mo was because Mo happened to inherit Verity s destiny He didn t choose Mo if someone else had gotten Verity s powers he would have been all over them5 Luc set her up to die in the previous book and Mo just forgets about him almost Xuyên Mỹ (Bất Hạnh Là Một Tài Sản, killing her6 Lucept choosing his magical duties over Mo 7 I wasn t convinced of Luc s love for Mo at all he just wanted her because they were bound togetherI was disappointed that Luc s relationship with Verity and Niobe wasn t really cleared up Did Luc love Verity How serious was he about her Did he only date Verity because it was destined or were his feelings genuine Did he used to have a thing for Niobe In the previous books Mo wondered a little bit about Luc s past with Verity and Niobe yet she doesn t really ask Luc about any of it It was really annoying Why bring it up if we re not going to get any bloody insight Colin was such a hypocrite His double standards pissed me off it was ok for him to Una vida absolutamente maravillosa keep secrets it was ok for him to risk his life to protect Mo and it was ok for him to lie But when he found out Mo made a deal with her uncle in order to protect him he got all pissy about it and dumped her His inability to understand what Mo did really didn t fit in with “I beat you Twice No magic and I still beat you And that was when I didn’tnow what I was doing” I smiled cold as the winter sky outside “Imagine what I’m capable of now”Mo Fitzgerald has made her choice A life in Chicago A future with Colin To leav. ,

Bound Torn Trilogy #3

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