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Behind Dark Doors (the complete collection) Kindle Edition291 Kindle EditionDeadly Messengers: A Psychological Thriller Kindle EditionThe Troubles Keeper Kindle EditionDestination Dark Zone: Six Twisted Tales Kindle EditionBest Seller Kindle EditionBack Again Kindle EditionBehind Dark Doors (one): Six Suspenseful Short Stories Kindle EditionBehind the Fire Kindle EditionBehind Dark Doors (three): Six Suspenseful Short Stories Kindle EditionBehind Dark Doors (two): Six Suspenseful Short Stories Kindle EditionHappy Nightmares! Thriller Omnibus Kindle Edition

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Ting Especially enemies leaving bad reviews to sabotage other writers I see reviews on where people say they didn t even read the book And this book has a few one star reviews that make me wonder Used the word serendipity too much Really I missed that Someone read ever Nem is given a box containing serendipity too much Really I missed that Someone read ever Nem is given a box containing mother s possessions some years after witnessing her murder as a young child The box includes a mysterious green book Once Nem determines the meaning of the contents in the book which contains only names and pluses and minuses she begins to use the uniue power of the book to her advantage She starts with providing her adopted parents with good luck a plus but learns that every plus must be balanced by a minus bad luck As an adult working in a book store she meets author William Barnes whose first book was a best seller He takes her under his wing when she decides to write her own book His next two books are complete failur I looked forward to reading this book as the review was good but I was very disappointed I ended up flicking through pages just to get to the end Sorry I thought it was rubbish I listen to all my books Susan Mays Best Seller was my first in her books WOW I was so pleased Being a reader of Thrillers she has met all my expectations for a great read Her choice of the audible reader was superb He s awesome in building up the charactersThis is a book you won t be able to put down until the endand what a surprise it is An excellent suspense filled thriller with plenty of

"action and several "
and several and turns Contains a great storyline that is well detailed and eeps the reader captivated The characters are well developed and realistic A truly exceptionally well written story that I highly recommend This is a dark and brooding coming of age story mixed with a touch of evil and mystery The young heroine is a strong charming and astute young woman But she hides a blackness on her life and soul that blackness taints her future She is smart and interesting She shows empathy sympathy love and indness when she wants to She may not look at herself the way we see her Her true self is arrogant spiteful mean and manipulative Her past is the reason she is what she is and doe. Orian Gray and the conseuences are not pretty In fact theyre darn doe. Orian Gray and the conseuences are not pretty In fact theyre darn uglyFrom Susan May the international best selling author readers are calling the new Stephen King comes a dark and twisted tale of jealousy revenge and an extraordinary uniue powerYou won't now who to hate and who to cheer on and the ending will surprise maybe even shock youWhat readers say As a fan of Stephen King's I can honestly say I enjoyed this story as much as any of his What an insane read Unputdownable Wow I loved listening to this through Audible So many twists and the ending wow It's Hitchcock meets the Twilight Zone I thought I had it all worked out about five times turns out I didn't An incredible read Best suspense novel I've read in a ye. .
Best SellerNem is a young girl who finds Herself Orphaned Due To Witnessing Her Mum orphaned due to witnessing her mum brutal murder at the hands of her crazy boyfriendWilliam Barnes is a New York Times Best Selling author who after experiencing the highs of being one of the greatest writers on the planet finds his critics slating him and his book sales diminishing His jealousy takes over him and we experience the lengths he will go to to make things right and get to the bottom of his downfallOrelia works in a bookstore and during a talk at her store by William finds herself his mentee as he helps her polish her book ready for Publishing She Keeps Herself To She Different Class keeps herself to and for good reason She has a secret that she doesn t want anyone to find out But will theySusan reallynows how to tell a great gripping page turning story You can practically feel the jealousy and hate that eats at William Reading this I actually felt the tension the anger and the outright insidiousness of his jealousyThe characters all go through a transformation some you ll love then hate others vice versa all leading up to a very stormy and climatic ending There s almost a cliffhanger at the end I m hoping there s a seuelThere are also some sneaky cameos from a few other of Susan s stories I ve nicknamed it the start of SMLU Susan May s Literary UniverseThis book stories I ve nicknamed it the start of SMLU Susan May s Literary UniverseThis book exactly what it says on the tin front coverThe end Goodbye sadly I have given up on this one I found the storyline was too plodding and rather boring I like a thriller to grip me from the first sentence and although I was determined to finish this I did eventually decide it was of a chore than a thrill and cut my losses I just finished after two sittings loved the ending I just recently found this author and am looking for her other books Bestseller was a fun book I enjoyed how the two main character s lives slowly came together I really like the author s style of writing the suspense and twilight zone feel I will be reading of her books So I cannot believe that this was the very first novel I ve ever read by Susan May seriously where have I been This one gripped me although it took me a few chapters to really get into it but once I did I couldn t put it down Well written and The Essential Good Food Guide kept me on. All the luck in the world won't save you A girl with uniue power over luck A desperate man driven by envy A mind bending story of betrayal and fate Its now 636 am and Im amazed I loved the story the characters and most of all the ending I never saw it coming Ten year old Nem has just witnessed her mother's brutal murder and her life appears destined for tragedy Until that is she finds her mothers old green journal which holds an incredible secretThis innocent looking book seems to contain the power over luck As she uses it Nemdiscovers the diaryeeps a strange Textbook of Wisdom kind ofarmic balance that in gifting someone good fortune she must steal another's first All it takes is a simple entry There's dangers though and not just for The edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next This book also opened my eyes to the Darker Side Of The Publishing side of the publishing and all I can say is I m really glad I m not an author I honestly don t think I could stand that ind of pressure I really enjoyed this much than I thought I would It was a good way to while away the weekend and plus I finished in about two days and I can t wait to read of her books A totally different twisty odd plot I was pulled in and led down the rabbit hole I had to see what happened The parallel rabbit hole I had to see what happened The parallel were great to flip between One the back story and one the present woven together and saying this is why but look at what happens next Great read I am a avid reader of Stephen King Dean oontz James Herbert I never stray so when I decided to try best seller because I ve reread the above mentioned books several times and awaiting Stephen King s new book but my gum I was so taken in from the first chapter love it I can t rate it enough so well done to you Susan May now added to my small list of authors I saw an ad on Facebook for this book The first few times I ignored it but then I thought why not And I m so glad I clicked the link The story follows our two main characters and there is uite a lot of detail It took me a while to get into the flow but it was definitely worth persevering as once I got to the gotta I couldn t put it down My colleagues at work ept telling me how tired I looked mostly because I favoured reading over sleep For those that don t now and I forget who said it the gotta is when you get to that part of a book where you just have to The City in Mind know what happens next at all costs For me this book has it in spades I enjoyed this story uite a lot in and of itself but also the look into what must run through the mind of any author The ego the anxiety trying to balance art and successInteresting characters that grow and change over the years a creepy and interesting story and a weird ending to leave you wondering I ve been reading a bit lately about Buddhist concepts of ego desire and the inner voice This novel really dug into the extremes of where our minds can take usI found the parts about writing criticism and reviews very interes. Thers but also for NemDecades later the literary world hails William Barnes debut novel as a masterpiece For some inexplicable reason though his best seller success doesnt survive his next two books What frustrates and infuriates William even isthat while he loses everythinghis undeserving protg Orelia Mason is enjoying a meteoric rise up the charts And this triumph of hers coincides suspiciously with his fall from graceSo William embarks on a plan several actually to take back the life hes certain she has somehow stolen If people get hurt along the way well tough luck for them What he'll discover though is that battling fate when luck is not on your side can be a dangerous gameThis is A Star is Born meets The Picture of