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Beautiful Creatures

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Ther died What makes this story work is that there is such rich descriptions of the characters their lives the surroundings and even the minor characters jump out at you One little teeny irk I doubt Ethan would notice way too Much About What Everybody Was about what everybody was but I guess how else were we suppose to know The ending clearly indicates there will be a seuel or there BETTER be one I kept trying to guess how to solve it will be a seuel or there BETTER be one I kept trying to guess how to solve it I didn t get it till the end Some things I could see coming because you know it really could never end another way Basically this is a story of a boy who loves a girl but it s with the extra touch of magicLater note Found out there is a seuel Check out Beautiful Darkness It looks like the first one is being made into a movie And on another later note here is a link to the trailer Looks smashing oh my god shusshify with all the loving on this book this is another example of the world conspiring to tell me untruths like that sarah jessica arker is really hot yeah i don t know she s kind of got a weird face i am just not attracted to her no she is hot look at her dress look at her shoes yeah no i get it her clothing is expensive but she s just so oddly skinny and she has devil eyesnoooo she is hot here i made you a drink you will like it it is like hawaiian Rock Lead Basics punchbut this time i am not drinkinghere s the deal two authors one book rarely works inractice one lady said i want to write a aranormal romance the other #lady said i want to write a civil war era southern love story well let #said i want to write a civil war era southern love story well let smooosh them together it is a great ideait s not a great result it is a huge book that is very densely lotted for teen fiction which would ordinarily be a good thing if it weren t so shallowly conceived it seems bloated with Sri Sumarah, Pariyem dan Bu Bei plot but shy on the details i had several wait but what momentsand much of it seemed so familiar two teens in love but both of their families are trying to keep them apart because of some ancient and unresolved family suabble but also because she hasowers this is the Class Struggles part shakespeare dropped the ball onpowers which might complicate her relationship to a mortal boy but when they are together their kisses are like thunder and their embraces cause furniture to break and a teenage heart attack cured by supernatural means thoughhewi worry for kids growing up on the new crop of teen fiction the relationships always seems to have one Wilfred Owen (Routledge Revivals) paranormalarticipant and it s hardly fair for actual teens how can they compete with these do kids get all sad after they lose their virginities and it is not as magical as they have been led to expect when beds do not rotate and literal sparks do not fly and they are not transported to the Study to Teach past it just seems like a lot ofressure to be Global Corporations in Global Governance put on themon the one hand it is cool to have a malerotagonist in a teen love story most of then ones i have read are still goofy girls Angels in Harmony pining after unworthy boys this is also the second book i have recently read in which telepathy occurs between the lovers see this i think is a bad idea especially in teen lovers i don t care how in love i am once i find out you have the ability to read my mind i am out it is too creepy no one will steal my inventionsthis is such aopular book and it has such attractive cover colors i want to understand its appeal conceptually i thought it was a great idea and with some adjustments maybe it could have been better i just thought there were too many loopholes too many missed opportunities and i hate this title i kept calling it a combination of i know i am no longer supposed to use Sketchy Behavior pictures in my reviews because it makes them too awesome butcome to my blog. He has never met When Lena moves into the town's oldest and most infamouslantation Ethan is inexplicably drawn to her and determined to uncover the connection between themIn a town with no surprises one secret could change everything. 35 Mortals I envy you You think you can change things Stop the universe Undo what was done long before you came along You are such beautiful creatures I icked this one up when I spotted it in the charity shop after watching and enjoying the film adaption I thought the magic system was incredibly INTRICATE AND EXCITING BUT I DID HAVE A FEW and exciting but I did have a few with other The Beauty of Believing partsEthan has lived in Gatlin his entire life a small South Carolina town full of small mindedeople After the death of his mother Ethan s father shuts himself away and Ethan can think of nothing but leaving Gatlin and never returning It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere The arrival of Lena Duchannes throws Ethan s entire world into disarray Niece to the mysterious Macon Ravenwood of Ravenwood manor the local haunted house Ethan and Lena are drawn together right from the beginning we soon find out that Lena is a caster and on her 16th birthday she will find out whether she is dark or light Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere Filled with history secrets and magical Sticky Church powers I loved finding out about the Caster world and Lena s family I didn t like the way Ethan would talk about the othereople in his town though Fat shaming slut shaming and just generally looking down on them all I didn t appreciate at allI liked seeing the differences between the book and the film version view spoiler Lena s Uncle Macon dies because she chooses to bring Ethan back from death after he is stabbed rather than in the film where Macon chooses to sacrifice himself for Lena Her cousin Larkin is also a dark caster in the book and there are some extra family members we meet such as her Gramma and other cousins Reece and Ryan hide spoiler This is an emotionally charged moody and atmospheric novel that is very reminiscent of how YA fiction was in the 90 s and early 00 s before Twilight came along By that I mean it is full of uirky average outcast type characters who drive the Forbidden Love Unchained plot line along through their uniue and easilyictured Witches of the Deep South personalities I ve heardeople complain that Ethan is unrealistic That makes me upset because I relate to Ethan than I ever have with any other male character in history He tries his hardest to treat others with dignity and respect doesn t use women for sex gasp You don t say has a strong sense of fairness and compassion and a Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) passion for old fashioned things such as literature You can almost call him an old soul in a way I fail to see what s so unrealistic about him Plenty of guys are like this Everyone is different You can t categorizeeople into little boxes because of their gender I m a 19 year old male and I found their Christianity portrayal of an insightful boy with good morals who was raised to beolite and courteous to be refreshing and realistic Meanwhile if I would dare to say that Katniss was unrealistic because girls aren t that tough and don t usually enjoy hunting I would be called a sexist But saying Ethan is not a guy because he likes reading and acts chivalrous isn t Talk about a double standardLena is another intriguing character as are her family They re Casters and many of them are full of life and zing Like her time traveling Aunt Del or Macon who behaves as if he belongs in a Tim Burton film Link is also easy to like I like how loyal he is to Ethan and I also like his Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, post grungeersonality sense of styleThe story itself is steeped in Southern decadence and eeriness At times the story was slightly biased in its attitude towards Southerners and Christians but I understand why the authors wrote the town in this way they were trying to tell a story of what it is like An alternate cover edition can be found hereLena Duchannes is unlike anyone the small Southern town of Gatlin has ever seen and she's struggling to conceal her ower and a curse that has haunted her family for generations But even withi. O be an outcast to be hated and feared for what you are The Sisters are deeply religious and so is Marian and they are all The Association of Small Bombs portrayed in a veryositive light are shown to have a Wilderness Survival Handbook profound influence on EthanThe onlyet The White Mans Burden peeve I had was the way the authors sort of threw in Sarafine near the end without much of a warning as to what was going to happen I would ve appreciated if we were given of a feel for her character Overall Beautiful Creatures is tied with Mortal Instruments as my favorite YA series of all time If you want to get lost in a story with vivid characters andowerful imagery with meaning then I would strong suggest reading this novel and its seuels Can t wait for Beautiful Redemption and the movie The right thing and the easy thing are not always the same it has taken not always the same It has taken a small eternity to write this review I was down a hand for I had to use my left index finger to clamp down on my left eyelid in order to stop the twitching that began around Visit the Sick page 65 of Beautiful Creatures Meet the culprit As I lay down she sat up I sat up she laid down I laid down Awkward Hell now the right one is doing itTo uote Hawkeye from the 1991 movie version of Last of the Mohicans Beautiful Creatures is a breed apart and makes no sense therefore making it nearly impossible to describe It s a contradictory mess and filled with 600ages of driveling hyperbole that attempts and yet fails miserably at being cerebral I ll take it from the top Ethan Who knew that 16 year old boys had so much in common with my great grandmother Big granny could tell you everything there was to know about Southern style architecture felt the world would end if she ran a few minutes late and loved Gone With the Wind Coincidentally she and Ethan could have Mortals I envy you You think you can change things Stop the universe Undo what was done long before you came along You are such beautiful creatures Doesn t that line just give you the shiversI doubt that they are Carry Me Over the Threshold people who will read this and not have a big impression What am I saying I mean a HUGE impression You know when you read a book and just immerse yourself in it I m sure most of you know the feeling I kept reading into the night having no semblance of sleepand staying awake on interest alone I could not believe my eyes when I looked at the window when I finished the book to see lighteeking out Suffice to say I m hookedThis book is told through our male rotagonist Ethan Wate which was refreshing There isn t any real good way to describe him other than devoted I think Ethan lives in the boring southern town of Gatlin where nothing changes and the Civil War is called the war of Northern Aggression Nothing of note happens and there aren t really any secrets but really nothing can be further from the truth This #Town Is Hopping With Secrets Really Really Juicy Ones Ethan #is hopping with secrets really really juicy ones Ethan t come to realize this until a new girl Lena comes into town Now this is where our story beginsGosh there is so much to say but I doubt I could get it all done This book has mystery a lot of it Southern culture a character in itself magic like you have never seen before and one of the best romances I ve seen lately no joke Can you tell I like arentheses a tad too much Don t answer that Any who I have to commend the authors of telling a story that I could no way tell it was written by two Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 2 Samuel (The Expositors Bible Commentary people The writing is seamless and draws you in no matter what is happening Reading this is a bit of an undertaking because it is a 500 some oddages and has a lot of back story but it s totally worth it My favorite character would have to be Amma Ethan s no nonsense fill in Small Talk parent since his mo. N the overgrown gardens murky swamps and crumbling graveyards of the forgotten South a secret cannot stay hidden foreverEthan Wate who has been counting the months until he can escape from Gatlin is haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl.

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