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Jump at youI am usually a fan of vernacular speech Used In Stories To Give It A Local Flavour However in stories to ive it a local flavour However this book I find the language interfering in readability Also I couldn t help but notice that in many places the vernacular text was not consistent Where the writer used ij for is to ive a certain edge to her character there were times when the style was not maintained Hello Editor were you sleeping on the jobHaving read The Pricey Thakur Girls I ot the eerie feeling that the supporting characters were similar to this book The feisty women the matriarch with objectionable language it seemed like the same format Same outline new theme I read somewhere that this book will soon be made into a Bollywood movie Well if that s the case I d rather wait for the producer to spice it up on the screen Because this book lacks lustre If you have not read any Anuja Chauhan books don t bother to read this one If I were you I d skip them all But this one cannot be on your bucket list Reading a Anuja Chauhan book is like watching a movie like Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya I am a big fan of that movie But the point is it is like a masala entertainer focused on the female lead than the male It has romance comedy and enough drama sueezed in I like the way she writes romance but it ets too sugary sometimes and a bit repetitive in her later books but what I dig most is the comedy aspect Her comedy for the most part is built on twisted Hinglish and the variety of Indian English accents besides being situational In this book it was slightly overdone but overall likeable As to the other dramatic aspects it depends on was slightly overdone but overall likeable As to the other dramatic aspects it depends on you buy it or not Either it could amuse you or leave u with a wtf moment I am somewhat in the middle on this too About the writing I thought it flew with effortless ease and was very ood considering it falls under the popular fiction category A far cry from most other writers who operate in I want my very own Zain Altaf Khan Are you listening od. Er main opposition turns out to be Bittora ex royalZain Altaf Khan – an irritatingly idealistic though undeniably lustworthy individual with whom Jinni shares a complicated historyEnlivened by Chauhan’s characteristic brand of wicked humour and sexy romanticism this is a rollicking new tale of young Indi. Battle for BittoraMbling in chapter by chapter THE WAY WRITER SET UP SO way writer set up so Many times the takes Bollywood dramatical avatar with unconventional reality The narrative is frank badass and light once in a while forcing to Consult A Dictionary The Uestion Haunted Me a dictionary The uestion haunted me why should it be called a romance novel There s not much of it except as a central binding thread which writer keeps reminding us time to time because chances are reader would forget it amidst ushing storyline I liked the lady protagonist she Inverloch Volume 4 gets all reuired focus and restoes in background only popping up when needed Election is a huge turn off topic for me and yet I loved the Battle Now looking forward to read The Zoya Factor by the same author which is considered to be her best Do pickup Battle for Bittora for uick light read It won t disappoint It took me a long time to warm up to this book Although I had read one of Chauhan s novels earlier which prompted me to pick up this book in the first place I was not impressed with the pace of this book There is too much back story that drones on and on And while Anuja Chauhan is brilliant in her caricature of her characters most of whom have been created from real life famous personalities the story loses steam with the mundane details of the lead character s life The romantic scenes are few and far between and somehow I The Good and Beautiful God got the feeling that the romance was infatuation than love In fact despite the physical attraction that is so prevalent across the book there was no substance to the love storyThe only story worth reading if at all is how Sarojini and her crack teamo about trying to win the election At places it is funny but mostly it seems like a reaffirmation of the fact that Indian politics is dirty What to do we are like this only On the plus side the book has some really funny lines Anuja has wily wit and she is unapologetically brazen about innuendos She could spill out the innermost secrets with a dash of crudeness to make the book. Py hometown BittoraOf course Jinni swears she won't But she soon ends up swathed in cotton saris and frumpy blouses battling prickly heat corruption and accusations of nymphomania as candidate Sarojini Pande a daughter of the illustrious Pande dynasty of Pavit Pradesh And if life isn’t fun enough already .

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Last night I finished Battle for Bittora and experienced book hangover It s been long time since a book left me in this way I uess the reason was I binge read it screwing up all my schedule and when it finished I Was Left With Little Energy To Do Anything The was left with little energy to do anything The starts in a posh Pixel animation studio in Mumbai with protagonist Jinni reviewing animated kitaanus like in the Harpic toilet cleaner ad and suddenly her ranny comes convinces her to help election campaign and boom Jinni is standing for MP election of Bittora I was taken aback by the ease with which one enters politics without any ualifications without any experience and mostly without a strong personality which I feel is mandatory for any public service But I must be an idiot to think that Being a close relative of some party leader is still the main ualification for election tickets Gujrat elections coming soon and the Battle has changed my view towards Indian elections And our lorified corruption leaded political system There are certain things in the book which o in elections I wasn t privy of knowing and I have a bit of doubt yet they make perfect sense The book is so much written for Indian readers that too mostly northern India with a lot of Hindi words slogans and sentences The story spirals through funny incidents and interesting characters mainly Jinni s Granny her crack team for election with idiosyncratic uirks her charming opponent her party members and a few friends I won t o in the story there charming opponent her party members and a few friends I won t o in the story there not much to dwelve in it but the way it s written is commendable uirky dark yet written with wry humor and most importantly never dragged muchWe et limpses of problems in Bittora MPs treating voting seats like a hen hatching eggs and afterwards turn a blind eye till next election We see a village as a community blended in the election hustle bustle and with dallops of promises being played with and obligingly playing the parts And we finds ourselves roll in the prose tu. Twenty five year old Jinni lives in Mumbai works in a hip animation studio and is perfectly happy with her carefree and independent existence Until her bossy randmother shows up and announces that it is Jinni’s 'duty' to drop everything and come and contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from their slee. .

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