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Bark By Lorrie Moore


Did something bad happen to "Lorrie Moore I don t need to ead things that are uplifting I am not "Moore I don t need to ead things that are uplifting I am not *On Having Characters That Are * having characters that are But this collection was so dark it left me feeling kind of horrible This is a collection of stories that looked into the crawl space to find what was otting there figuratively and in one story in this book literally I might suggest that if you ead this collection you should consider skipping the half page after the flashlight is presented and the crawl space opened I m afraid it might give me nightmaresConcern with America s current wars uns through these stories and I guess that #MIGHT BE WHAT HAPPENED TO MOORE LATE IN THE #be what happened to Moore Late in the there s a discussion about Abu Ghraib and that s as horrifying as the thing found in the crawl space And there s definitely an ongoing look at marriage how men and women I ecently ead a uote by Stephen King on the art of writing the short story From memory it went something like thisshort stories are harder to write than a novel You have to take the direct oute no side streets no stopping to chat And he is ightI am ambivalent about these stories a few seemed to me to have little or no point to them Others I enjoyed immenselyBroadly these stories are about human elationships and idiosyncrasies How the things we love in a person can over time become irritating as in familiarity breeds contempt how we can think we are in accord with another person but are actually at opposite ends of the spectrum about the things we will do to fit in or to try and evive a elationship in it s death throes Lorrie Moore is not afraid to bring to light our little insecurities and absurditiesI can t say this is my favourite collection of short stories but there were a couple that I listened to twice And I will probably go back and listen to this collection again at some point and maybe then will adjust my eview ating When I want to emind myself how to write I turn to Lorrie Moore This. A literary moment and celebration a new collection by one of America's most beloved and admired short story writers; her first in fifteen years since Birds of America In these eight masterful stories Lorrie Moore explores the passage of time and summons up its inevitable sorrows and comic pitfallsIn 'Debarking' a newly divorced man tries to keep his wits about him as Is a super short book of short stories that felt than anything like a hard drive dump It s like the publisher
said how many 
How many you got and Moore said 8 or so but some of them are pretty old and the publisher said I can work with that send them over and thus we have a book That s not to say there aren t nuggets of pure Moore brilliance in this book There are many She s a great writer and she can hit the nail suarely on the head How could someone have come so close to death so unfairly so painfully and heroically and how could he still want to strangle them on a cocktail party conversationThis book is categorized as literary humor and there are some laugh out loud moments but I wouldn t call this a humorous book Nor would I purchase this book for any than 199 It s about 2 hours eading at the most and while I m sure the stories were work at the time they were written an Oliver North eference Pre Ira War Post 911 it just doesn t feel like much effort was put in the overall collection You e supposed to give things up for Lent Last year we gave up our faith and eason this year we are giving up our democratic voice our hope The cover of the issue in "which the book s title story Debarking first appeared A while ago I ead a eview of "the book s title story Debarking first appeared A while ago I ead a eview of Moore s Bark that intrigued me There was something about her short stories being populated with extraterrestrials I must have thought there would be a touch of sci fi Maybe there is but not in the sense that I was thinking Some of the characters are almost eptilian with other characters caught in their clutches The word extraterrestrial actually is used twice Well only once in eference to the dialogue between #a parent a divorced parent and her single teenaged offspring The other time it was space alien and that was #parent a divorced parent and her single teenaged offspring The other time it was space alien and that was a woman saw her soon to leave her husband only she didn t know that yet I was thinking it s a good thing I was listening on audio I was thinking this is what s wrong with short stories. He US prepares to invade Ira In 'Foes' a political argument goes grotesuely awry as the events of 911 unexpectedly manifest at a fundraising dinner in Georgetown In 'The Juniper Tree' a teacher visited by the ghost of her ecently deceased friend is forced to sing 'The Star Spangled Banner' in a kind of nightmare eunion And in 'Wings' we watch the unraveling of two on. They e about weird make that bad things that are observed #That Just Are The Ones #just are the ones leave me feeling empty wondering why did I ead that That s not fair though it wasn t that bad There was kindness people who let you depend on them or either there wasn t just a fact nothing to be done about itTwo of the stories are around 50 pages long apparently not too long to call short stories though in all the eviews For the most part they were the best One of them was just awful though the subject matter I mean not the uality A woman folk singerband member who s approaching middle age and in a bad elationship befriends an elderly man or at least they befriend each other The elationship is I it not I Thou otten at bottom but it s the old man who loses sight of that at the end and she s the one who springs the trap That one leaves me feeling slightly sickMany of the professional eviewers describe the author s work as both dark and comic I wasn t seeing the latter The stories are beautifully ead by the author and I was hearing the unfunny and painfully absurd But within a minute of picking up the book itself and eading the next to last one a funny line struck me The protagonist is at a Paris estaurant ordering in "French And Not Uite "and not uite of her pronunciation and usageWhen lamb was a food was it a different word the way pork and pig were Perhaps she had ordered a living breathing creature mewling in broth and fleece p 162 Subject to SearchThe last story Thank You for Having Me was both the funniest and the best about the absurd but not necessarily tragicThe observations were mostly acute You say Yes that s the way it is but the insight doesn t helpFor those in the know Lorrie Moore is said to be Nabokovian an observation that goes over my head since only ead the know Lorrie Moore is said to be Nabokovian an observation that goes over my head since only ead the and that was an era or two agoI am not sorry I finally ead Bark The stories are gems but they are dark gems like ice crystals I m not sure about letting them lodge in my heart. Ce hopeful musicians who neither held fast to their dreams nor struck out along other pathsGimlet eyed social observation the public and private absurdities of American life dramatic irony and enduring half cracked love wend their way through each of these narratives in Moore's characteristic style that is always tender never sentimental and often heartbreakingly funny.

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