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Arcane (The Arinthian Line Book 1)

Sever Bronny · 6 Read & Download

I eally enjoyed this series so much so that I ENDED UP MISSING MY STOP A FEW TIMES ended up missing my stop a few times eading it It s the closest thing I have found to Harry Potter and I say this as a massive Potter fan The first book is great and the series just gets better and better as it goes on If you like magic secret passages mystery series just gets better and better as it goes on If you like magic secret passages mystery epic battles this is for you I was completely gripped from start to finish I cannot ecommend it highly enough I loved it Like most books of science fiction fantasy this follows most of the traditional format but it doesn t feel like It s a great story and well worth the ead It s guaranteed you ll want to ead book 2 This has got to be THE best series of books I have ever ead and being a great Harry Potter fan I did not think I would ever say this I ead them one after the other and left bereft when I had finished A great adventure for all ages I m 62 A trio of teenagers with the weight of the world on their shoulders who had to grow up fast and the love they had for each other shone from the pages Onto Burden s End now the first of a new series Do yourself the pages Onto Burden s End now the first of a new series Do yourself favor Buy book one NOW and immerse yourself in a true epic adventure You will be blown away I promise This is Sever Bronny s first novel and I am impressed There were a few minor editing errors but they didn t detract at all from the story Overall this is a well written book and I expect Mr Bronny s writing will continue to evolve and to delight eadersArcane is a coming of age sword and sorcery fantasy. AN EPIC COMING OF AGE TALE FOR THE YOUNG AND OLD ALIKE Warlocks before their timeFourteen year old Augum grew up with bullies instead of friends In a kingdom where superstition stifled the written word he fought loneliness by eading books and doing hard labor It was a typical life for a gutter born orphanUntil a vicious tyrant burns it all to the groundAfter fleeing the inferno Augum apprentices under a mysterious mentor and begins learning the forbidden art of magic He even befriends Bridget and Leera two passionate and uirky girls willing to give him a chance Together they dare to train as warlocksBut Augum's mentor possesses a mythical artifact When the tyrant suddenly turns up demanding it the group is plunged into a harrowing ordeal and Augum will have to use his newly learned spells to try to save the only thing he has left a friendship forged in fireA coming of age fantasy series with over 8000 eviews on GoodreadsAudiobooks narrated by Grammy and Hugo winner Stefan RudnickiNominated for the 2019 Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Award If you love. The main characters one boy two girls are 14 year old magic users in training but the writing plot and story are mature enough to appeal to anyone I m 47 and an avid fantasy eader There is Minimal Cursing But The Story Is Not cursing but the story is not ish which surprised me I know that others have summarized the plot well enough that I don t need to ehash it For me it was kind of a Harry PotterEragonThe Wheel of Time There s arely a dull moment it has lots of action and dialogue that keep moving the story of Time There s arely a dull moment it has lots of action and dialogue that keep moving the story m now about halfway through Book 2 Riven and am still loving the characters their friendships their travails their lack of perfection their humor and their poignancy I ead eviews for books 2 3 and 4 and they emain high so I fully expect I ll finish the series Mr Bronny plans for this series to be 5 books longI highly ecommend this book I think it s appropriate for eaders as young as maybe 10 12 years old my kids
#Are Older Now So #
older now so m trying to emember what level of writing they appreciated at what age And it s definitely appropriate for adults as well There s no silly assed off putting teen angst just well developed characters who happen to be 14 learning to adult fast in a scary and deadly world This is one of the strongest first volumes to a fantasy series I ve ead I ordered the other four before finishing The characters are extremely well ealized You learn not just what they look like what they e capable of and what their personalities are like you also learn what mak. D Harry Potter Arcane has the same thrill and page turning funreviewer An epic journey of survival and self discoveryA Hatfield eviewer Great story well written subtle and complex character development interesting magical system Superbly done coming of agereviewer It's The Hobbit mixed with Harry Potter but set in Eragon kinda It's got great fantasy and adventure elements and is a great ead for middleschoolers high schoolers heck even adultsreviewer Everything is in there for a wonderful book character development pacing action heartache discovery growth and many manyreviewer I enjoyed eading this so much that I purchased the est of the series Immediately and then sat up all night finishing them for the next few daysreviewer Every time I start to think I have ead everything good I stumble across a gem like thisreviewer The story started with a familiar feel to it eminding me a bit of the Harry Potter books but it uickly proved itself to be an addictive ead uite capable of standing on its own It is a great escape from the day to day which is what I loo. ,
Es them tick and why they are the way that are You can empathize with the main characters in this book the way that they are You can empathize with the main characters in this book you will oot for them like few books can make you doThe book is a eal page turner pacing is excellent and there is a great combination of mystery suspense action humor and plenty of genuine human connection and emotion It s truly well written in every sense of the wordThe plot is outstanding and I can t wait to ead the next one in the series should arrive tomorrow There is a very well planned chain of events that will keep you interested throughout the duration of the story I can honestly say that there were no eal lulls for me I plowed through the book in a few days during a busy work week just couldn t put it down There were some clever twists in the plot and you had great moments of ealization while eading I only saw one of the big twists coming before it happened I can usually predict plot twists way in advance but it was still fun to eadIf pressed to come up with criticism I might say that the book was perhaps a bit too short That s a strange thing to say nowadays where every fantasy author believes they must be like George R R Martin and write thousand page tomes but there were a couple of sections of this book that perhaps could have used a bit spacing out An extra 50 100 pages might have let things breathe a bit better but that s eally nitpickingOverall this is an amazing book by a very promising author and I look forward to eading the est of his wor. K for when choosing a book to take a mental vacation withT Rohring eviewer This is one of the best written stories that I have ead in some time It is a uniue WELL CRAFTED CHARACTER DRIVEN STORY THAT crafted character driven story that you via curiosity at the beginning and invests you in the characters and world within the first few pages The world is ich and expansive while not being overwhelming The attention to detail is commendable and enjoyable The book drags you in and keeps the pages turning all the way through to the end I have been ecomending this to everyone I've knowMatthew eviewer Fall in love with fantasy againJay Fowler eviewer Delve into the magical world of The Arinthian Line and see why fans describe Augum Bridget and Leera as beloved charactersPrimary style influences JK Rowling Orson Scott Card JRR TolkienReader age Suitable for ages 10 to etireeGenres Fantasy coming of age sword sorcery action adventure epic young adultSetting uasi medieval timesExplicit language NoneIs the series complete YesAudiobooks The Arinthian Line narrated by Grammy winner Stefan Rudnic.

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