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Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

Lang lebe die Königin.

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Anne was clearly brilliant and gifted It sounds crazy but sometimes I feel guilty when I read her writings like I m intruding in some way Yet I know she hoped her diary would be read and inform readers for generations of the atrocities of that time as well as how they they survived and coped with the xtreme hardship I hate that they were nearing the Revived end of the war when they were capturedspecially after hiding successfully for a couple of years Ann s words brought her story to life in my minds ye and I m so grateful she had the presence of mind to write her thoughts and xperiences down Her of mind to write her thoughts and xperiences down Her is truly a treasure to the reader and ach subseuent generation May she and her family rest in Love for Imperfect Things eternal peace and may we never forget what such reckless senseless hatred can do Samedition as the one I have read from my local library This appears to be as fine an A Heart of Stone edition as you can get and I have done a fair amount of research on that This the definitivedition has a lot of material that did not appear in the original one that was dited by Anne s father after the war It also is on superior paper with very readable type and the photos are clearly war It also is on superior paper with very readable type and the photos are clearly compared to the other ditions I have had in handWonderful book the like of which I haven t seen Language and Linguistics elsewhere So many wonderful passages insights into life such as you rarely find anywhere Anne s ruminations captured here were for herself from the heart Writing this helped so much in making her life tolerable during this very difficult period in her life Toward thend I found it difficult to plow to the Divertimento end knowing that she tragically did not survive However she was unaware that their arrest was imminent so the unfortunatending is not implicit in Anne s writing She just may as well have survived and gone on to have the wonderful life and career she very much deserved I have read a lot about WW II but this book succeeded in doing what all the other readings did not for me it made me feel that I was living through it myself I bought this book to prepare for a trip to the Anne Frank Museum It was a sad but fascinating read and when I got to the Franks hiding place in Amsterdam I knew Love Is a Fairy Tale exactly what I was looking at who slept where and who all the individuals were that helped Anne her family and their companions survive for as long as they did I think I got out of the visit than I would have without reading this book I first read this book thedited down version when I was nine years old I received the book as a gift and again when I was twelve for school I recently re read the book the new as a gift and again when I was twelve for school I recently re read the book the new Promise at Dawn edited version and coming from anntirely different perspective now that I am a thirty year old motherFirst I want to say that I absol. Discovered in the attic in which she spent the last years of her life Anne Frank's remarkable diary has become a world classic a powerful reminder of the horrors of war and an louent testament to the human spirit In 1942 with the Nazis occupying Holland a thirteen year old Jewish girl and her family fled their home in Amsterdam and went into hiding For the next two years until their whereabouts were betrayed to the Gestapo the Franks and another family lived cloistered in the Secret Annexe of an old office building Cut off from the outside worl. .
O great things All that potential was lost millions of times over during WWII and this is what we feel deep in our hearts upon closing the bookMost of the book is about the privations and hardship of living hidden away in the annex There is very little coverage of the violence of the times or much that is going on in the outside world because they had little knowledge of it since they were hidden I think this is partly why some schoolchildren report the diary is boring It does get repetitive at times which I think this is partly why some schoolchildren report the diary is boring It does get repetitive at times which the feelings of those living in hiding They had to wait and wait in fear not knowing what the next day would bringThere are many self reflective passages where Anne laments being picked on by the adults in the annex wondering if she will live up to the xpectations they have for her hoping she can reach her goals There is a thread of hope apparent Bangkok Wakes to Rain even in her most depressing writings I think these are the parts I think teens find most relate able because all teens want to achieve things please their parents and find hope in their moments of despairToward thend of the diary we see just how difficult things have become for the family which is not always accurately represented in the movie versions of the diary They were starving never full at meals and having to The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery exist off moldy and tasteless food There was one bathroom foright people and at times the toilet could not be flushed They had threadbare holey clothing which was too small The cat used the bathroom wherever it wanted towards the nd and their helpers came less and less freuently as circumstances got worse and worse Their conditions deteriorated in ways that children living in the comfort of the 21st century could never imagine It s so important for kids to read about these conditions and contrast them with their own in order to not only feel grateful but to feel sympathy for those who lived in these terrible timesThe Kindle version had fairly large print and worked just fine on my phone and tablet with no issues The new version my phone and tablet with no issues The new version a new introduction and I believe the pilogue has changed a bit as well I Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? enjoyed the footnotes feature which allows you to touch the number which takes you to the footnotes page then when you touch the number again it takes you back to the page you were originally on I had no problems purchasing or downloadingIf you want to know about what happened to Anne Frank after the diary there is a book called The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank by Willy Lindwer which includes stories from people who met her in the campsAnother recommendation is the author Eva Schloss who was Anne Frank s stepsister who wrote about surviving Auschwitz Very good read and not a big book Good and new. T moving personal documents to come out of World War II The Philadelphia Inuirer There may be no better way to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of thend of World War II than to reread The Diary of a Young Girla testament to an indestructible nobility of spirit in the face of pure Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den evil Chicago Tribune The single most compelling personal account of the Holocaustremains astonishing andxcruciating The New York Times Book Review How brilliantly Anne Frank captures the self conscious alienation and naïve self absorption of adolescence Newsday. Utely believe that this book should still be included in School Curriculum The Only Thing New About It Is That curriculum The only thing new about it is that and passages were added Nothing was taken out and the translation was not changed Reports that the book is so different that it s nothing like the original are false Reports that the story is different are falseThere is no reason for the Scraps Of The Untainted Sky edited version to still be used because children read Anne Frank s diary around ages 11 14 years old which was around age when Anne herself was writing the diary Anything that could be seen as supposedly inappropriate can be seen on daytime television with a PG or maybe PG 13 rating Especially these days there s definitely nothing in there that is beyond the norm for the average tween teen I think that continuing to use andited version is insulting to Anne Frank s memory Not only that but it provides valuable information about the time period and gives relateability to the diaryThe passages which are included in the new version are not anything that the average 8 12 year old girl does not already know about her own body and the birds and the bees and are so few and short that they comprise a tiny percentage of the work itself The romance between herself and Peter is very chaste and nothing untoward happens in the story Spoiler they hold hands and a kiss a few times that s it The passages that some see as inappropriate are not at all titillating a medical textbook is The Eric Carle Gift Set erotic Coming from a mom s point of view I would definitely allow my daughter to read the unedited bookI think this should stay on school book lists because some kids these days see the Holocaust as something that happened a long time ago that is meaningless now without realizing that genocides and racial motivated violence still happensvery day I think it seems to them like just another thing they have to learn about along with The Hundred Years War and the CrusadesAnne Frank s diary gives kids perspective and helps makes the tragic loss of life during WWII a tangible thing they can understand The diary is so relate able and reflects so many feelings that all teens have had that she becomes three dimensional to them and no longer a just some person that died a long time ago This sensitivity towards the loss of a life is what we need now in the times we live inAs we read the diary we see how much potential was lost not only in Anne but in her ntire family Anne Frank was an intelligent and well read young woman who studied multiple languages and had an analytical mind I believe we lost a shining beacon of women s *intelligence when she died She was an merging feminist activist and writer I think she would have been an amazing woman *when she died She was an Fashion Design Course emerging feminist activist and writer I think she would have been an amazing woman would have gone on to D they faced hunger boredom the constant cruelties of living in confined uarters and thever present threat of discovery and death In her diary Anne Frank recorded vivid impressions of her xperiences during this period By turns thoughtful moving and surprisingly humorous her account offers a fascinating commentary on human courage and frailty and a compelling self portrait of a sensitive and spirited young woman whose promise was tragically cut short Praise for The Diary of a Young Girl A truly remarkable book The New York Times One of the mos. ,