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His plan comes unstuck when John Applegate an intelligent but uneducated and impoverished mill worker is injured and nursed back to his health by the said lady Caroline Broadhurst The two had already been drawn to each other despite the differences in their wealth and standing and Caroline asks Jack to become the father of her child Amid the setbacks of Caroline s adversity to sex because of her cold and cruel husband and Jack s injury and position in the world they fall in love But how can they be together she is married and he has not the means to look after her and their babyThis is an engaging story but has some pacing problems which mean it is good but not great The first half of the book is a little laborious as the author I think tries to emphasize the impossiblity of a relationship between them When they finally are together it is not the stuff of dreams and fireworks immediately and although probably realistic because of the circumstances it again slows down the flow of the story The resolution in the final uarter of the book then seems a little rushed and the problems of the difference in their social standing which were a big part of the story seem to melt away to nail down the HEA 35 4 stars When I picked up this book I didn t remember anything about the plot So when I first started reading this I was feeling very VERY iffy about the plot So when I first started reading this I was feeling very VERY iffy about plot as it s one of my least favorite premises But I was surprised at how much I loved the charactersCaro is unhappily married to a man who has outlived his first two wives Desperately wishing for an heir let s be clear a girl child is unacceptable her husband has given her an ultimatum sleep with another man and get with child or lose our inheritance Faced With An Increasingly with an increasingly husband a well meaning but misguided family and losing everything that she had worked to achieve she has difficult decisions to make one of which is her growing attraction to a mill worker Jack I really liked her while I was frustrated with the choices she had to make I liked her thoughtfulness and intelligence There was no easy choice and I found it a chilling reminder of how little rights women had Jack Applegate has lived at home for too long supporting his father s bad habits and his many siblings He s worked hard saved and knows it is time to cut ties and attempt his dreams A mill worker he wants than to slave away for someone else He hopes to be successful and have an income on his own But fate steps in and throws him into Caro s arms and he has to deal with the growing and mutual attraction to another man s wife Madison didn t hide that Jack was not educated beyond rudimentary reading and math skills this was no he s poor but secretly remarkably well read He has worked hard for his family at the expense of that type of learning but that doesn t mean he isn t remarkably learning but that doesn t mean he isn t remarkably or worthy of her and his fellow workers respect Their relationship went from strength to strength In a way they are both prisoners of society she by virtue of being a woman and him by virtue of being born to laborers Their chemistry was palpable and I appreciated the build up to their physical relationshipI can t wait to read another book by he. Crossing Now fate and passion have thrown them together but the potential scandal threatens to smother their love And when a violent secret comes to light only a terrible sacrifice will prevent the flame of their affection from being snuffed out forever. .

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Mit to his attentions for the past 15 ears Twice a week every week he has come his attentions for the past 15 ears Twice a week every week he has come her bed but never did she take pleasure from it and never has it resulted in pregnancyNow that her husband is 70 Undercover Pregnancy years old he has decided he wants an heir And he has demanded that Caroline sleep with another man to give him a son She doesn t want to Sex is horrible enough with one man why would she endure it with another But he forces her hand cuts her out of his will and threatens to turn over his mill to a man even unscrupulous than himselfBroadhurst invites a group of noble men to the home for Caroline to choose from but Jack the only man who has ever caught her eye works in the mill As the book begins he is badly injured and she takes him into the Broadhurst home to convalesce It s no big jump to guess where the story goes from thereIt s all kind of predictable Caroline is uptight and terrible at seduction But Jack is pretty solid hero material I always enjoy it when the male lead thinks the leading lady is out of his reach It was gratifying to see him finally catch a break but it was a long time in coming He had to suffer through most of the book So did Caroline come to think of it It took too long to get to the good stuff and the author didn t tread much new ground But the romance was fairly good Comfortable and kind of familiar 3 12 stars ARC Provided by NetGalley I really enjoyed this book The story was well written and and kept me gripped from about halfway onwards The plot was really good and though this is of course as if the title doesn t say it all let alone the cover a romance that element somehow seemed woven into the greater plot rather than just throwing a bit of plot in to make the romance interesting doou know what I mean Don t get me wrong this is first and foremost a romance but I loved that the author had taken the time to properly craft a storyWhile we re speaking of plot I would like to mention that I thought the ending seemed rushed view spoiler That is after Mr Broadhurst hit Caroline it just skipped to two weeks later and then everything happened at once and suddenly I was Reading The Epilogue As This Was The Climax Of The the epilogue As this was the climax of the it could have been drawn out significantly longer but even just a little excitement and making me worry about the characters would have made me feel completely content once I put the book down As it was nothing really escalated to the point where I was like This is it the moment where Prince Charming slays the horrible dragon and rescues the princess from the tower but as that moment didn t really come I was a little disappointed All in all this didn t hinder my experience of the book too much even though endings are my favourite hide spoiler I like how different the story is It s bold dark and twisted Caroline s husband deserves to be burn alive for his actions but alas he got off way too easily I m surprised at the rating this book is getting I think it deserves higher than 333 at the time of writing All About Seduction starts off with an interesting premise an aging mill owner who finds out he is infertile and desperate for a son to inherit forces his much ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 younger wife to be unfaithful with men of his choosing A suitable gentleman and bear a son Caroline would never think of bowing to such a shameful order but then she meets Jack ApplegateJack has longed for the beautiful untouchable Caroline forears but the chasm between them was too wide to ever dream of.

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I m afraid to even start telling ou about ALL ABOUT SEDUCTION You might find me tripping all over myself while gushing and praising this author that low and behold I NEVER read before What an oversight on my part The blurb adeuately describes the story and while this plot has been done before and as recently as Loraine Heath s WAKING UP WITH THE DUKE Ms Madison s take on the plot is still uniue and surprising I found the story well written characters Three Dimensional As Well dimensional as well the time and the situation our hero and heroine find themselves in very realistically portrayed Their feelings for each other their treatment of one another was very touching and full of raw emotion s loyalty to her husband even after he demands take a lover to get pregnant with an heir is commendable but her strength is shaken while torn between that loyalty desire for the one man she could never have and her overwhelming desire for a child The humiliation she endures at some of the aristocratic gentlemen of her husband s choosing is painful and it almost breaks her resolve while making the reader fumeTo say that Jack Applegate is our typical hero is an understatement The handsome With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) young man we meet comes from a huge family is poor hardworking and thoroughly down on his luck Yet he s got dreams and a plan to better himself to basically pull himself out of this Godforsaken place and make his fortune in manufacturing Then the unthinkable happens and our hero is faced with life changing decisions that will make or break his futureJack and Caroline embark on a journey of discovery that is not to be missed While Caroline finally connects to her passionate nature Jack learns that determination and perseverance are his strengths and no matter what or who stands in his way he will prevailIfou ve never read this author please seek her work out I highly recommend this emotional story of uniue and tender love that impressed me to a point that I was sure to track down the author s previous book TAINTED BY TEMPTATION and add it to my TBR shelf Melanie All About Seduction Katy MadisonCaroline Broadhurst is about to take a lover at her husband s command For fifteen ears Caroline has done everything her much I don t think I liked this book at any point but I liked Caroline and I liked Jack Just not their story And what a nicely tied up little ending Not my thing More like a B but hey guess that s 4 stars D I m giving up on this one What started out as a possible gem turned into frustration The premise was interesting Caroline Broadhurst wants a child Her husband a heartless man in business and his personal life wants to force Caro into having an affair so he can get his heir After all he became a successful and wealthy businessman it was hinted at that this was probably not obtained honestly Even though he had money he couldn t gain acceptance from the ton He was tolerated once he bought his Poor Caroline really took one for the team when she married old Mr Broadhurst She was only 15 ears old and he was 40 The Alcohol Experiment years her senior Basically her father sold her off and Broadhurst has been helping the family with finances ever since In exchange Caroline has forced herself to sub. She had never known passion like thisCaroline Broadhurst is about to take a lover at her husband's command For fifteenears Caroline has done everything her much older husband has desired except provide an heir Now he has given her an ultimatum seduce. All About Seduction