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What a way to end a series this book was sooo pointless it should have ended in Bluewing but not have her brother Jonn et sick Let me just say that I it should have ended in Bluewing but not have her brother Jonn et sick Let me just say that I loved this series from the very beginning and I really like this authors writing style But with this I m left disappointedSome Spoilers There s a man in the Frost a man from the old time of the Compound He kidnapped Ivy and implanted her with some kind of capsule containing the Sickness He wants a device that Borde is here to find he said and he wants me to find it If I don t do as he says she s *going to be infected just like Jonn This was her mission throughout * to be infected just like Jonn This was her mission throughout hole book And in the end view spoileronce she ets it he ends up dead and she figures out the cure all by herself hide spoiler Aeralis was mostly a ood ending to the Frost Chronicles although some of the things that happened seemed a little pointless One thing in particular regarding someone s parent had no effect on the plot at all and was just a side thing added in I like who Lia chooses but I have mixed feelings about the epilogue I didn t hate it like some people did but didn t love it either I liked the limpse into what happened and how they had a family and who ended up with whom until I ot to the end That s where the mixed feeling come in view spoiler The epilogue reminded me a lot of the one in The Clockwork Princess Lia marries Adam at the end of the book and we are told they have a family Then when their oldest child is 20 Adam dies from pneumonia Gabe never married and so she ends up marrying him after Adam dies I think I would have preferred it if Gabe would have just moved on and found think I would have preferred it if Gabe would have just moved on and found else to love and Adam would have rown old with Lia I did love that Jonn and Ann fall in love and marry Throughout the whole series I wanted happiness for him hide spoiler my rating for this series decreases towards the ending it is a ood thing that this is the final booki am not sure if i mentioned this before but this series could have ended earlierthere are a Lia Weaver and her friends have finally driven the Farther soldiers from the Frost but all is not settled yet Ann Mayor and her father have foun.

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Aeralis The Frost Chronicles #5

Kate Avery Ellison ✓ 1 SUMMARY

Ance eye roll sigh cough Omg this love triangle is the most exasperating thing I ve ever seen Dear author looks lances unspoken feelings thickness in the air hand estures nods blah blah DO NOT EUATE TO DIALOGUE Aside from the maybe 5 sentences the trio speak to each other the entire book rto their love their dialogue consist of just their love their dialogue consist of Just Nonsense As Thicknesses In The Air And Uick Nods nonsense as thicknesses in the air and uick nods understanding over words never f ing spoken This isn t a romance It s Chinese torture I didn t root for either if the uys in this love triangle because I found them both unappealing for different reasons one a near mute that valued duty over love just too many times and the other a polar opposite of the female MC but I Dare Mighty Things get that some readers will be pro one or the other The MC made a final choice in the last of the book but the author let her have her cake and eat it too over a 20 year epilogue that I think was a complete appeasement cop out I ultimately feel that I cannot find a single redeeming uality upon to recommend this series I spent the first half of this book feeling a little bored I liked the story but it just wasn t exciting The writing wasood and very smooth Ellison definitely knows how to write wellI really didn t care for the lack of development of the romance and then boom its tied into a neat bow at the end I really really didn t like the epilogue Talk about disgracing Adam s character I don t believe you can cram 20 years in a epilogue I don t mean a limpse of 20 years later I mean 20 years of life into the stinking epilogue GeeshMy favorite character was Korr He was so complex and I love complex charactersOverall *It Was A Steady * was a steady that had some exciting parts towards the end I was ready for this series to end so I m lad this was the last or perhaps I wouldn t have continued I didn t ever really care much for the love triangle which still dragged on through this final book And that epilogue Oy I could have done without that Awesome book but the epilogue ruined the series Aggh. Ost wilderness and endangers Lia’s family she is faced with a terrible choice and against Thorns orders she sets out to find answers in Aerali. ,
Ew twistssurprises which i like but the epilogue has ruined my ood feeling towards this book if the epilogue could sueezed view spoiler20 years hide spoiler Goddamn epilogueNot that I particularly enjoyed the book in the first Place But The Epilogue Was The Straw but the epilogue was the straw broke the camel s back I was onna ive this 25 stars but I m taking back my half star for the epilogue Should have stopped before the epiloguethe epilogue wrapped everything into a nice neat package with a bowcompletely ruined it for me Keeping it short and conciseI regret the time that *I Wasted On This * wasted on this Turned Out To Be One out to be one the most absurd boring convoluted time wasting things i ve ever read I kept hoping that this would et better and it never didview spoilerWe re told in the end that adam and Lia The Widows Little Secret get married and live together for about twenty years and then he catches pneumonia and dies And that s itlet s bring the other contestant HERE S GABE Wait a yearokay you canet married hide spoiler I said in my review from book 1 that the world is what interested me in this series prodded me to continue reading that is the mysterious Frost Further s land the mysterious creatures a land far away in a portal etc because the characters were simply horrid the dialogue was frustrating and the plot was almost nonexistent Despite my better judgment and extreme irritation that a scattered 30% or of each book seemed to recap its predecessor I read all the books expecting something anything to redeem the fragile fondness I harbored for book 1 Sadly the series only Resurrection Year grew intolerable Two main plot points existed in this final book the sibling s sickness the MCs concern and overthrowing the dictator everyone else s concern just like everything else that s ever happened in this series somehow those two very differentoals seemed to coincidently conveniently converge for each party Aside from the too convenient aspect it was also boring slow and the etting there was a big case of much ado about nothing Then there is the rom. D themselves the target of violence the villagers are fighting and Jonn’s life hangs in the balanceWhen an unexpected enemy surfaces in the Fr. .