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Before I opted to remove Sci Fi from my review policy I committed to reading AK Stone s opus Adam and I m uite my review policy I committed to reading AK Stone s opus Adam and I m uite I did Written for the adult reader but still appropriate for a younger Incredibly well planned plot I was pleasantly surprised by this book detailed plot thoroughly immersive imagery and characterization that any marvelDCstar wars geek would love I ve recommended this to my 1110 yo it s already seemingly popular My only tiny criticism is that the language occasionally seems unrefined as if an editor was not paying ATTENTION OTHERWISE A THOROUGHLY PROMISING READ I M EAGERLY Otherwise a thoroughly promising read I m eagerly for the next one The best science fiction makes us think about the big uestions of our time This book does exactly that by addressing our fears and opes about the future of AI the Internet and space explorationIt is well written gripping and intelligent Highly recommended A really clever sci fi story with beautiful descriptions of other worlds and communities A little tired of the teen experience and skipped some of that but drawn in by the wider story development which was superbly done Moved straight on to the next book which I also recommend I ve now read this 3 times It s just one of those books that I rate as so enjoyable that it s worth a reread now and again That s a small list of books because I love reading new titles but I count The Martian in there as well if that Cult Science Fiction Films helps provide a frame of referenceThis is such a clever book in the way that it makes the complicated simple There s a lot going on that the first few chapters onlyint at but for me the story draws you through a fairly exhilarating ride that gains depth and pace as you progress I love books that pull you into the wee small Crime and Punishment hours you know should stop reading and get some sleep but you re justungry to find out where the story is taking you They re rare enough and when I find one I like going back to itThis is an original story of an individual s absorbing path in a future where Artificial Intellience assists progress in faster than light travel and ow that unfolds We follow an introverted Adam through an awakening and watch im bond with is future It s a considered novel that contains and watch im bond with Dark Reflections (Dark Reflections, his future It s a considered novel that contains philosophical uestions there are many layers to enjoy behind the actual storyI think my “a clear glimpse of a master at work N Rossi ‘Reading other people’ Keepim secret or Spinetinglers Anthology 2008 he will die That warning was the only thing protecting the child Why Perhaps becausee was abandoned without parents or AI implants when almost everyone else Angélique à Québec (Angelique: Original version has them Perhaps because the rest ofumanity is connected mind to mind to compete with pure robotic AIs but bio extremists see deadly threat in Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Obesity his power Or perhaps because they wonder at the mystery ofis origins when The Doughboys humankind reaches for the stars only to find something out there watching and waiting All Adam wishes for is what most teenagers want aome to find out who 魔法使いの涙 [Mahou Tsukai no Namida] he is maybe even some friends family But forces at work in our little corner of the galaxy ensuree’ll be forced on to a journey that is far exciting and dangerous than Futurity he ever couldave imagined “truly brings about the uestion of what you define as umanone of the best sci fi novels I've read –C Hsu ‘Ethereal Pages’ What Readers Say About “ADAM” from 133 reviews uk and 311 ratings Goodreads★★★★★ ADAM By A.K. StoneRealism and futuristic the setting was not only *interesting to read about but also made me think about Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism how far societyas already come Overall Adam *to read about but also made me think about Lenora how far societyas already come Overall Adam a very thought provoking book and it delved into the relationship between Caz Sanatı humans and betweenumans and technology It truly brings about the uestion of what you between Desire Sensibility humans and betweenumans and technology It truly brings about the uestion of what you as uman This was a great read definitely one of the best sci fi novels I ve read Wow What a super book Artificial intelligence as been the focal point of many books for many years some of them great and other not so much I started off this book without any real expectations and was The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green happy enough as the story built up By thealf way point I was absolutely The Sorcerer of the North (Rangers Apprentice hooked I especially appreciatedow the narrative first pulls you to take one position on the perceived dangers of AI and then takes you the other way I m trying not to write anything specific Practicing History here that would spoil the book for someone elseAnyway I absolutely loved the book Adam by AK Stone takes place in a not too distant world full of androids FTL travel and teenage bullies Adam is unlike the other boys and the story is one of self discovery ase travels beyond the orphanage e s grown up within only to discover that there is a power within that is not common to mankindI did feel like Adam was pretty mopey at times But I suppose I would be too if I grew up in an orphanage and accidentally killed people often than I wanted even if they maybe ave it coming The artificially intelligent androids were perhaps the best part in my opinion They were decidedly less asmovian and perhaps a Some Thing Black humanized version of STTNG s Lt Data not necessarily in appearance but in the way they think and feel it was nuanced wellSome of the existing reviews indicate it is an adult fiction book but itas a distinctly YA feel to the voicing and it felt one part AI and one part Ender s Game Adam started very well and I very much enjoyed the first part of the book The uality of writing in the book is very varied some scenes are written very well with great dialog but some of it was below par and needed work What I liked the AI characters such as Number 1 and Number 2 and I loved the dream seuence But the McClellans Other Story human characters were a bit cliched Stoneas some great ideas but needs to work a bit on consistent writing. Eart and soul’★★★★★ ‘Couldn’t put it downa plot that twists and turns taking you on an exciting and sometimes emotional journey’★★★★★ ‘This is literature a beautifully crafted novelOne to savour’★★★★★ ‘Great Great readI’m a an exciting and sometimes emotional journey’★★★★★ ‘This is literature a beautifully crafted novelOne to savour’★★★★★ ‘Great Great readI’m a fussy sci fi reader and this ticked all the boxes’★★★★★ ‘Absorbing and thought provoking Adam pulled me into to its world and stayed with me long after I Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? had finished the book’★★★★★ ‘Brilliant Aliens AI and a mystery Tell me there is a book 2’ ★★★★★ ‘Excellent Brilliant plot Wonderful language Amazing ideas and tech’★★★★★ ‘Fantastic What a great book Very different from the normal Intelligent and fascinating A real page turner’★★★★★ ‘The ultimate underdog story gargantuan space shipsand an enemy that will makeumans Aliens and AIs uake Read this’★★★★★ ‘Best this year Why is this not a film Great read could not put down mysterious and thought provoking Get your teeth into this adventure?. ,


Iggest disappointment if you could call it that was that it took so long for a new book from AK Stone to come out I kept checking every few months So I m delighted now that Icon Leonardo da Vinci has been released And guess what I m on my second reading of it too Thank you to the author for a free e copy in exchange for anonest reviewActual Rating 45The year is 2201 AD and Enkätboken humansave progressed
"Even Further In The Technological "
further in the technological We are now able to compete with artificial intelligence by merging man with technology but things aren *T So Simple Resources Are *so simple Resources are and although although the light speed barrier Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy has already been broken something else is out there waiting for the right time to strike But in times like these you never know who to trustAdmittedly at first I was very skeptical of this genre someigh science fiction books I ve read in the past ave been difficult to get through because of the overload of technical terms However I thought that this book set up the scene very nicely and although I was still a bit confused at times it was very interesting to immerse myself into this world Everything is definitely very thought out and it feels authentic I especially liked ow the themes in this book could be linked to real life artificial intelligence is something that as been debated for years and author was really able to create their own version of what it meant and tie into the world that they imaginedI thought the main character was very likable Although there seems an age difference between us the main character was wise and insightful beyond is years and I could definitely connect Throughout the book there was such clear emotional development as The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy he learned whoe was and Polvere alla polvere howe would deal with every obstacle that came Wyoming Triple Heat his way Even the secondary charactersad their own stories and I really enjoyed reading about The Relationship Dynamic They relationship dynamic they An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery had with the main characterDespiteow unrealistic the world may physically seem there were many parallels that I could draw between our world and this fictional one With some underlying social commentary the writing style was engaging and oftentimes beautiful which really Trial Run / Whip Hand / Twice Shy helped bring the story to lifeThe plot was definitely one of the strongest part of the book it was uniue and different and with blend of. ??Wonderfully crafted sc fiif AKStone isn't a pseudonym for an already acknowledged master of the sci fi genre then Iave to say that I am amazedThe uality of the plotting and writing is superbfilled with complex imagery and conceptsextraordinary vision’★★★★★ ‘FabulousA great journey from the first chapter to the last with great character development’★★★★★ ‘A wonderfully rich sci fi full of twists and fascinating technology a great read’★★★★★ ‘ExcellentThis book is as good as it gets’★★★★★ ‘engaging imaginative and beautifully written’ ★★★★★ ‘Clever different gripping’★★★★★ ‘Awesome story a very magical and detailed reality The reading flows and the you go on the you want to read’★★★★★ ‘Science Fiction of the first order’★★★★★ ‘Every so often you come across a little known book where it seems a crime that it should be unknown and this gem is one of those books’★★★★★ ‘Excellentbig galaxy spanning story with a lot of