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Short sweet and uick 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life read perfect for those who are on the go a need a little escape I loved watching theirelationship progress as watching the histories getting evealed Overall this was an enjoyable book If you are busy and need a little break from everyday life then this might be for the book for you Sometimes it just takes being in the mood for a particular storyline in order to fully appreciate it Apparently that was the case for me while eading A Millionaire for Cinderella as I did enjoy this 256 page mildly angst filled Harleuin contemporary omance Admittedly it was the efreshingly omantic cover that first caught

Attention All Too Often 
All too often authors choose isue over classy writing and selecting book covers It was the book summary however that eeled me in Though the synopsis pretty much eveals the gist of the story there are enough twists and turns along with witty banter and likeable characters to make this sweet clean omantic tale engaging The author s writing style seemed to flow effortlessly and she did a good job with character development and keeping the storyline focused My only complaint would be I wish the main heroine s secret had been something else Overall if you are looking for a short omance that is not dark twisted or too steamy to cleanse your eading palate you might want to consider A Millionaire for Cinderella This one worked for meSeries In Love with the Boss Book 1 Author Barbara WallaceThis eview is based on ARC e book generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion Just because you did what you had to to survive along with your sibling doesn t mean you don t deserve a happily ever afterThis. You shall get your happy ending Patience Rush has never wanted a knight in shining armor She's perfectly happy cooking and cleaning for her elderly charge Here Patience feels sa.

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Om NetGalley in exchange for an Honest Review I #really like the name Stuart and I loved his character I suppose that means punching him out on the #like the name Stuart and I loved his character I suppose that means punching him out on the floor is out of the uestion #too He s uite the passionate man Patience swore Stuart had turned kissing into an art form #He s uite the passionate man Patience swore Stuart had turned kissing into an art form moment his kisses were possessive and demanding the next they turned so everent they brought tears to her eyes He s one of those men who doesn t like to be woken up in the middle Of The Night Well Unless It S For Sex Whoever the night well unless it s for sex whoever is tell them they e insane Stuart muttered from beneath his pillow Then get under these covers so I can do unspeakable things to you I enjoyed this book I love Stuart I aced through this well written little book with a very odd title and enjoyed it Featuring two very likeable lead characters including a hero who was sweet and a little uncertain of himself ather than a mega alpha these people seemed ealistic to meI liked the little twists and turns the story took and empathised with the heroineThe Harleuin Romance line is the sweet one with the shorter books and sometimes this can mean the stories are a little bland However Barbara Wallace has a eal knack for creating a story that draws you in and makes you care and I m glad I gave this one a chanceHoweverSurnames that end in enko are Ukrainian names I wish authors would stop using Ukrainian names for their so called Russian characters If you write about Ukrainians why not just make them Ukrainian Romanticising Russia in 2015 leaves a bad taste in my mouthThere is another book connected to this one but you don t have to ead it for this story to work It s perfectly fine as a standalone ead Review copy provided by NetGalle. Re Patience is hiding somethingbut what Except as this unlikely pair grows closer Patience ealizes that letting go of her past might be the key to a blissful future with Stuart. .

A Millionaire for Cinderella In Love with the Boss #1Was such a sweet ead that I enjoyed immensely These two characters both had some trust issues Patience Rush was a young woman that had a ough life Her mother passed away and she needed to make sure that her sister was not taken from her so she did want she needed Then a miracle happened and she got a job as a housekeeper but one fateful night something happened to her employer Ana ended up in the hospital because her cat Nigel loved getting in between peoples legs That is when her great nephew came back into
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and that s the #chemistry started and also the doubts that Patience was looking to get ich #started and also the doubts that Patience was looking to get ich his aunt Stuart Duchenko was an attorney and knew how to ead people and from the moment that he said secrets there was something that have her away Stuart knew she was keeping a secret but the that they spoke and lived together in his aunt s brownstone the he starting liking her He was attracted to her and didn t like the attention that she drew from other men Then one night she ended Up Telling Him Everything telling him everything her life but left out one criminal offense and sooner or later that would come out especially when he hired someone to investigate herA Millionaire for Cinderella was an amazing ead The characters were well developed and the storyline was great They both had trust issues but I was amazed that he was the first to actually trust her but saddened that it took her a little bit longer in that department The story grabbed at my heart and I was eally cheering for them The chemistry between these two was passionate and they were meant to be Now I can t wait for Piper s book and find out how to found love in Paris I totally ecommend this eadReceived ARC fr. Fe secure and protected for the first time ever Until ich and incredibly gorgeous Stuart Duchenko arrives determined to figure out his great aunt's unlikely housekeeper He's su.