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Ese invented countries Read the history and decide for yourself This asy to read volume was the main reason I Gods and Heroes excelled at my reuired college course History of the Modern Middle East It covers a timeline roughly from the start of the Ottoman Empire to today and discusses the great political and cultural upheavals of this huge swath of lands that forged the volatile region we know today I am glad I read this book and took the course It helped me understand the origins of the religious and cultural conflicts thatngulf the region today It also shed light on why there is animosity for the West and part of it dates back to the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire after World War I The Middle East is insufficiently covered in US schools It is s This was really awesome Up to day a #read almost lots of books i find about #almost lots of books i find about history of Middle East And this book really strike me up to the soul Written Science, Technology and Culture elaborate and all chaptersxplain why you need to read all the boom to understand why Muslim world looks like West s ideal terrorist region which full of rogue states An No Beast So Fierce excellent detailed book I rate 4 stars because it s not uite complete Yambert s The Contemporary Middle East A Westview Reader fills in the gaps of some topics such as coverage of the Arab Spring and other less studied Middle Eastern countries Cleveland and Bunton s howeverxplores the 19th century to arlier and the Ottoman Empire in depth while Yambert s doesn t which is why Yambert s is contemporary history Both books were published in 2013 on the same press They are great complements to ach otherIf you are new to Middle Eastern history and must choose only one I recommend Yambert s first then Cleveland and Bunton s because the former includes timelines and uicker reading of ancient to Last Chance Bride early modern history to get up to speed on the background before the book dives into the past hundred years where it gets going around WWI It also has similarnough Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy essays for consistency but also differentnough Lawman Lover (Outlaws, essays to give multiple views on matters due to the 30 contributors Then pick up Cleveland and Bunton s book for the full modern treatmentBoth of these books are geared toward a US audience due to its focus at many times on US Middle Eastern relations but any English reader will benefit from the informationIt might be useful for those who are familiar with very recent Middle Eastern history to study backward in Cleveland and Bunton to see the connections grow Otherwise start with Yambert because of the Arab Spring coverage To sum Cleveland and Bunton detailed thorough coverage of the 19th century toarlier history but some gapsYambert get up to speed uickly asier read less details broader coverage multiple perspectives past 100 years historyAlso recommended to supplement the prior twoThe Middle East A History This was the textbook for my modern Middle East history class I m not a huge fan of textbooks generally but this one is pretty well written and presents a good overview of political history without sacrificing intellectual commentary and analysis There s something about reading recent history written in an impassive voice that puts verything into perspective not to mention its Mystery at Kittiwake Bay extreme relevance to present day issues I do think a few members of our current administration would benefit from much of the information here Amazing book Once you start reading it you won t be able to put it down The author is very accurate and the book is well researched Highly recommended I found the prose of this book unbiased detailed and coherent The modern history of a middleastern country can only be understood in the context of the larger narrative of can only be understood in the context of the larger narrative of relation to the other movements in the region and this book does a good job of putting the story into perspectivePerhaps the author could have improved on its documentation of the references and citations but otherwise the book did justice to the topi. Xt places the developments of the 1990s in a new historical perspective and includes an Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files examination of keyvents of the The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, early twenty first century Anpilogue offers a critical valuation from a historian's perspective of the al a'ida attacks of September 11th 2001 and the arly phases of the US occupation of .
This is great for getting some perspective on the Middle East I picked it up because I am tired of the News Media s portrayal and wanted a better understanding of our context over there Great place to start The Book Gives An In Depth Overview Of gives an in depth overview of Middle East and how the all the nations came about and grew into the nations that An Italian Education exist today I really appreciated the author s way of writing as the history ofach nation and how they interacted with the other nations flowed together really well He makes you forget that you are reading a history book and not a story book The writing is really that good Although it is a bit of a longer read 550p it really is worth it I think in today s age having an good understanding of the history of the Middle East and its political motives is very helpful in understanding today s issues Since reading the book I have come away with a general understanding of the Middle East and a better understanding of some of the recent political Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code events in those countries I picked up this book a couple months ago at the behest of a friend The latest Middle Eastern tragedy was still unfolding hundreds of Palestinians being shot by Israeli snipers at the Gaza border and while I had certain predispositions about how to feel based on the two decades or so of news I ve followed since I was in high school I finally wanted to buttress my modern understanding with a broad look at historyThis book turned out to be the perfect tool for the taskI m pleased to say that itxpanded my view of the Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, entire region reinforcing certain predispositions I had while helping me to re frame others For instance I long ago internalized the argument often made that much of the turmoil in the Middle East today comes as a conseuence of capricious foreign policy on the part of the Brits after the peak of their globalmpire Borders drawn haphazardly on a map with no consideration for the Daddy Wanted ethnic and sectarian communities that were being divided Or in certain cases borders drawn in a deliberately obfuscating way to prevent countries from gaining regional primacy as with the division between Ira and KuwaitThat s still true But because Cleveland starts his history all the way back with the Ottoman Empire and the Safavid Empire you actually get the context for the decision making So while the British did comport themselves with their special brand of Anglo arrogance they were trying to fill a power vacuum left in the wake of the implosion of the Ottoman Empire They weren t disturbing the region from a state of peace and plenty they were figuring out how to parse competing power centers while also achieving their own materialndsAnother really important bit of context was Cleveland s focus on the means of political xpression with a history of success in the region From A Contemporary American Perspective a contemporary American perspective idea of a political Islam is basically anathema We treat it like an aberration designed for the xpress purpose of holding the region back from the natural course of secular liberalism This is needless to say a huge jokeIslam is one of roughly three tactics for political organization in the region in the last several centuries It s a particularly potent one since Islam is woven so deeply into the cultures of all the region s major players Whatever the newest trends are that sweep the region s cities the ulama in the countryside preserve the practice of Islam so when all Snowy River Man else goes wrong it remains an important method for politicalxpression and dissentMore familiar from a Western perspective is nationalism of the kind xpressed by Ira or Nasser s Egypt Nationalism tends to work really well as an organizing principle in the west because it aligns with our pluralistic traditions But it s really only a recent addition in the Middle East and it doesn t have terribly deep roots because of the aforementioned capriciously wrought borders A Shia Muslim in astern Ira This comprehensive work provides a penetrating analysis of modern Middle Eastern history from the Ottoman and Egyptian reforms through the challenge of Western imperialism to the Iranian Revolution and the Gulf War After introducing the reader to the region's history from the origins of Islam in the seventh cent. As in common with a fellow Shia in neighboring Iran than he does a Sunni in Baghdad So unless the state is generating Les brumes d'avalon : roman enough revenue to buy people off with a generous welfare state appeals to nationalism seem only soffectiveAnd since American global hegemony has relied for so long on the rule of nationalistic autocrats who often operate corrupt regimes that horde resources and hold down the will of the people it seems only natural that people turn to other methods of political Malakai (Wicked Games, expressionThe third form of political organization never really stuck but I found it pretty interesting pan Arabism What WOULD happen if the Arab states were able to throw off their poorly drawn borders and operate as a regional or global power It s a vision only sporadically pursued but to me it seems the model with the most long term potentialBack to the book I really liked the way it was structured It s chronological but the chapters are also divided by theme and geography so you do kind of dip back into topics you ve already covered but they rexplored through a new lens The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone each time It s the mostffective form of historic storytelling and is particularly Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, effective for a big historic synthesis like this one Cleveland is a terrific writer and this work perfectly fulfilled the mission I set out for it The fact that itnds at 1999 is honestly kind of perfect because with all that s happened in the last 20 years he d need to double the page lengthThat basically concludes my actual review but I do want to stick some notes and ill formed impressions of The Family Plan each country that he covers on here because I know I will need something to jog my memory in the future when I think back on this book in light of futureventsIran I think I m a little less critical of the Shah than I once was Shia Islam and the legacy of the Safavids seems to lend Persian culture a natural affinity for monarchy that you sort of lose when you just read about the A Family Practice excesses of the last shah I still find the Persian people sympathetic and I think American foreign policy that treats Iran like a pariah state is self defeating and likely remains as it is because of concerns about IsraelIsrael What can you say without being drawing the ire of Zionists on the web It s hard not to be sympathetic to the plight of the Jewish diaspora in the wake of the Holocaust but nothing about the way that the country has conducted itself since its creation lends it much sympathy to the student of history The ill conceived attacks by its neighbors justify the country s ruthless militancy in a way but it s a straight up apartheid state Ira I actually felt sympathetic for Saddam Hussein How weird is that Not in that he is an autocrat responsible for gassing large populations but in the strategic sense Attacking Kuwait makes a certain kind of sense when you take it in context and he hadvery reason to believe the US would support him It s a shame what has happened to a country with such an incredibly rich history richer than almost any civilization on the planetTurkey What a confounding mix of militancy secularism and ambition One wonders how different the region would be if a politician of the caliber of Ataturk was still aroundEgypt It s A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity easy to forget that Egypt was once one of the biggest power centers in thentire world But with the wane of Nasser and its absorption into the American sphere of influence they really abdicated their leadership role in the region to Iran absorption into the American sphere of influence they really abdicated their leadership role in the region to Iran and Ira Learning about the Muslim Brotherhood was also particularly interesting in light of recent Celebrity Bachelor eventsSyria Jordan Lebanon I still don t really understand them Jordan is basically a fiction And Syria should really be much larger If only Palestine hadn t been lopped off for the sake of Britishxpediency I was just talking this morning with a friend about the French and the English making the modern Middle East Who had a disastorous run of colonialism through th. Ury Cleveland focuses on the past two centuries of profound and often dramatic change While built around a framework of political history the book also carefully integrates social cultural and For Better and Worse economic developments into a single carefully crafted account The revised and updated thirddition of this benchmark te. A History of the Modern Middle East

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